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My Career

i want a career that i enjoy doing, plenty of individuals don’t enjoy the career they need. I dont want to finish up like those people. I would like a career i really like and never regret having.

Why is it so important to me? the reason why my future is very important to me is because my interest in living life with no regrets. Life cannot always be perfect but we will do our greatest to shape it through the choices we make. I would like face challenges as challenges make a person harder. When someone face challenges they will collapse but they get backup and take a look at to beat those challenges and overcome those challlenges. They show world that they’re stronger and will grow tougher than before.

Success could also be a part of that goal, to create my life relatively perfect i’ve got to become more smart, decisive, and determined. I have to recollect that the choices i make today will affect me in my future. Either they might make me a horrible and lead me astray or lead me to more productive path.

i want to conclude my speech by only saying that i want to own future that i hope to form through the choices i make in schooling and in my life.

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